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Latest Opinion Posts
Biden, Radical Left Have Forgotten Founders' Principles
The American people are suffering under the president’s failed leadership. Rather than blindly pushing ahead, Joe Biden and the radicals in his party need to remember the Founders' promises, abandon their disastrous agenda, and start fighting for the future.
Will Schumer, Pelosi, More Choose Politics Over Ending Abortion War?
Maybe the reason the Democrats so ardently liked having abortion written into the Constitution is that they lack the will or skill to protect by political leadership.
Close the Elementary School Door on Sex Ed
Adults should be free to embrace their sexuality as they see fit and live their lives accordingly. Children on the other hand should enjoy being children and the innocence associated with their age.
War on Feminine Hygiene Is a War on Women
If you were looking to purchase tampons here at the Beaver Super Market along Third Street, the city's Main Street business district, the manager says there has been a shortage for a while. When he does get them in, they are gone by midday.He is not alone. A visit to...
An Open Letter to President Joe Biden
A simple question: Why do you continue appeasing Tehran and how do the American people benefit from such appeasement?
Why Sanctions Don't Hurt US
These punitive economic measures have caused discernible ripple effects across the globe. Some western economists have considered whether sanctions on Russia also hurt America’s economy.
Marcos Victory Means US  Should Work With Old Allies to Thwart China
More than ever, it's important for the United States to have a proactive strategy of working even closer with old allies, while building new relationships with former foes in Southeast Asia.
Roe Court Battle Won, Now the Vigilance Must Start
Now that the final ruling has been released, America awaits the progressives’ next escalation.
Beware of Our Global Adversaries Teaming Up
By observing their behaviors and by speaking to Iranian leadership, Russia can create a strategy for the long term if international sanctions against them should continue for years to come.
Memo to Hollywood: No Constitutional Right to Abortion
Following the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 24, to return to the states the power to determine the legality of abortion, Americans now find themselves in a post-Roe v. Wade world.What's it like? In a word, awesome. But not for everyone.
We the People Make America Great, Not Globalists and Pols
We the American people are deeply proud of our rich history, diverse culture, and endless potential. We laugh at your homage to the globalists, and we reject the notion that you are part of us.
Biden's Gulf Rapprochement a Half-Baked Diplomatic Ballet
More has to be done to insure the rapprochement is truly heading toward a permanent re-bridging of relationships and not simply a half-baked diplomatic ballet.
US Must Act in Solidarity, but Prudently to Save Hostages Abroad
Any solidarity of purpose our nation might muster at home and at the U.N. on behalf of those human lives and their human rights might prove invaluable.
Biden's Electric Caravan to Green Utopia Is Out of Gas
In the end, President Biden and his progressive playbook have successfully accomplished what they set out to do, to make fossil energy prohibitively expensive so that we use less of it.
Liberals Have Only Themselves to Blame for Roe's Demise
America had finally had enough when congressional Democrats tried to ram through the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would have legalized abortions on-demand, for any reason or no reason at all, up to the moment of birth.
We're Fed Up With Biden's, Left's Vindictive Crisis Leadership
It shall always be blatantly un-American and lazy for leaders to force rules on us without consensus, employing crises to mask one-sided antagonistic agendas.
Justice Delayed Can Still Be Justice
The fact that Bill Cosby will finally have to pay for what he did that night should give pause to those who would prematurely declare the death of the #MeToo movement at the hands of Amber Heard.
Does Alcohol Impair Ability to Recognize Emotion?
People who meet up with friends and coworkers at happy hour, in addition to the usual cautions about drinking and driving, are well advised to drink responsibly in order to react appropriately.
Biden Green Team Deserves All the Credit for $7 Gas
We’d like to remind you that under the Trump administration there was no shortage on the supply side of the equation. The United States was producing so much oil domestically that for the first time in decades the nation was energy self–supporting; even exporting.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Feminists Must Decide: Support Women in Sports, or Radical Left?
A time of reckoning has come for today’s feminists: you must choose between young women in competitive sports, or the LGBTQ+/LatinX/radical, leftist lobby. Unfortunately due to the demands of the latter, you cannot serve the interests of both.
Roe's End Means Lives Saved
One must now ponder more deeply this question: How can the American Dream, and the dream of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. survive if we literally murder our children?
65 Percent Say in Past Year Their Income Has Lost to Inflation
Sixty-five percent (65%) of voters say that, over the past year, their income has fallen behind inflation. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 26% say their income has kept up, and 8% are not sure.
Biden's Economic Disaster Means Election Success for GOP, Trump
137 days to election day this year, and 865 days until Nov. 5, 2024, Americans wish the elections were tomorrow.
US Academia Seeks to Impose a Totalitarian Moral Order
"A Soviet childhood leaves its traces on the heart," wrote University of West Georgia professor Nadya Williams in April.Williams, who is apparently an immigrant from the Evil Empire, really wasn't kidding.Earlier this month, she wrote a lengthy screed in Inside Higher Ed,...
Arms Deliveries Not Enough; Biden Needs a Ukraine Strategy
The Biden administration lacks a Ukraine strategy. Instead, it zigzags and improvises. Though it pretends otherwise, the White House seems almost entirely reactive vis-à-vis the Kremlin.
The Future Hope for the GOP: Mayra Flores
There’s a momentum building among conservatives. It’s been percolating for a while; have you noticed?
Price Controls Can't Cure an Ailing Insulin Market
Sens. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, unveiled a bill this week [JUNE 22] that caps the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $35 a month for patients with Medicare or private coverage. The measure would also incentivize drugmakers to keep their insulin...
COVID Relief Scams Begin on Capitol Hill
Too much focus on waste and fraud misses a more important problem: Lots of the COVID-19 spending that doesn't qualify as wasteful or fraudulent was nonetheless misspent.
LBJ's Great Society: Legacy of Failure
Johnson viewed Kennedy's death as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and to push his own agenda. "I am a Roosevelt New Dealer," Johnson said the day after the assassination. "Kennedy was a little too conservative to suit my taste."
'Jane's Revenge' Code for Violence, Not Tolerance
Ever since the unprecedented leak of an early draft of the Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court which may overturn Roe v. Wade, the "shock troops of tolerance" have been busy interrupting church services.
Because He Doesn't Cave, Paladino Makes a Comeback
Putting Carl Paladino in Congress, during a red wave would shift the GOP caucus significantly rightward, causing a realignment, one to generate momentum for bigger victories in 2024,
Religious Oppression Still a Daily, Global Reality
History has shown that governments and societies that champion religious freedom are safer, more prosperous, and secure.
Thanks Democrats, for Our Avoidable Recession
The administration inherited a strong economic recovery but produced a recession. It was an avoidable economic catastrophe manufactured by President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.
Finally, a Victory for School Choice, Religious Liberty
The Supreme Court ruled that if the state is going to provide public funding for private schools, it cannot deny funds to religious schools.
Nigeria Massacre Shows Christians' Persecution Continues Unabated
The last acceptable prejudice in America is anti-Catholicism.
Inflation? Recession? The Goldilocks Way Offers a Third Option
The experts now present our president with two bad options: the "too hot" of inflation and the "too cold" of recession. There's a third option. "Just right."
Why Targeted Ads Are a Blessing
Advertising has changed with the media consumption of consumers. Targeted advertising makes it a lot easier for companies to precisely identify the key demographic they're trying to reach.
The Senate Could Be Decided In New Hampshire
According to Politico, the race in New Hampshire is one of the seven seats that will decide the election. In the last poll in April, incumbent Senator Maggie Hassan was leading Brigadier General Don Bolduc by 1 point.
 Markets, 401ks Don't Forgive Presidential Incompetence
As we absorb the latest Federal Reserve 75 basis-point rate hike and glance at our investment statements, yes, we may require some prudent financial decisions and belt tightening. We should think about how we choose and elect leadership.
Buyer Beware: Meaningless Numbers Contaminate Advertising
Most Americans probably understand the danger of taking ads at face value. Political ads are rightfully regarded with deep suspicion. But many of us may not recognize how misleading the numbers we see (and some that we don't see) in commercial ads can be.
Berisha Is America's Best Ally in the Balkans
It would be a wasted opportunity for Albania, the Balkans and even the U.S. to abandon the only seed of democratic change in an important region, one so susceptible to the dangerous Russian and Chinese influences.
Foldi Representing The Young Conservative Movement in Run For Congress
When returning home, Matthew continued to stay active in the GOP by serving as the vice president of the Montgomery County Young Republicans and the Montgomery County GOP.
Juneteenth: A Perfect Day to Cheer Black Success
It would be far more useful to celebrate so much that Black Americans have accomplished since the original Juneteenth liberated the last of some 4 million emancipated slaves.
Where May's 8.6 Percent Inflation Rate Came From
Current (and non stoppable) inflation increases are caused by external influences namely, the war in Ukraine.
No Winners in War on Western Civilization
The greatest shame is that kids are being taught that Western Civilization has never got anything right. Even the development of individual rights, religious liberty, and pluralism are denounced as a sham.
Flores Victory Shouts to Dems: Don't Take Latinos, Blacks for Granted
If you think the Texas elections sent tremors through the Democratic Party establishment, there would be an earthquake if Blacks followed those examples and voted for Black Republican candidates.
First Left Smeared Kavanaugh, Now It Harasses Justices
Ruth Sent Us organizes activists to protest in front of the homes of the six justices picked by GOP presidents. The mob doesn't care about justice or civility. The mob doesn't care how this conflict ends. And apparently, neither does Joe Biden.
Staying With and Learning From the Mi'kmaq Nation in New Brunswick, Canada
New Brunswick Province borders with Maine and they share a good deal: cuisine, flora and fauna, as well as the indigenous Mi’kmaq Nation.
Grit, Perseverance Carve Out the American Dream, Not Govt Handouts
Caribbean American Heritage Month and Juneteenth may seem like disparate June holidays. However, they both illustrate how Blacks in America have made strides by maintaining a common set of values and by collectively pursuing educational success and economic empowerment.
Media No Help by Aiding, Abetting Pelosi's Jan. 6 Show Trial
Mainstream media doing their job as public watchdogs should be as one voice in denouncing this. Instead, they are in almost complete lockstep enabling it.
Florida Population Boom Won't Go Bust in Near Future
If it hasn't already done so, the Sunshine State will exceed 22 million residents during the second half of this year.
America's Survival Requires Citizen Awareness, Concerted Action
The United States is dying a death by its own present government that is inflicting a thousand cuts on its citizenry.
Beware of Twitter Becoming a Governmental Actor
This is what happens when you get in bed with the feds.
If Done Right, Monarchies Should Govern Well and Stabilize Society
Elizabeth II seems to be the last queen of her kind. Time passes, and all the descendants of the Crown exhibit a void that is inappropriate for future monarchs.
'Insurrection' Theater About Drumming Up Partisan Anger, Fear
The Democrats are betting that selling fear and anger is a winning ticket for November. While Republicans share a good deal of the blame for the current economic crisis, pretending it’s all the Democrats fault will likely bring in big returns.
PGA Tour Rakes in Cash by Exploiting Tax Loophole
Sports fans may be baffled by what's happening lately in professional golf. The PGA Tour, founded 93 years ago, is facing at least one, and possibly two, serious challengers for the first time in its history. The big question is why it took so long.
Let's Focus on Unity This Flag Day
On June 14, our nation recognizes Flag Day to commemorate the adoption of the American flag - an identifier of who we are as a country.For many Americans, the flag is an emblem of national pride. It represents patriotism, democracy, freedom and our inalienable rights under...
Dem Rule Slides It From Top of the Heap: New York, New York
"I'm a Republican because I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. And every day the taxes were higher, the crime was more widespread, the streets were dirtier, the welfare rolls were longer and the schools were failing. And New York was a one-party town."
No Need to Place Your Bets on the Democrats This November
Come November, voters are going to remember. Will they vote for the party that tried to gain cheap political points rather than attempt to solve their problems, as they have sworn to do? Or, will they opt for the alternative? This writer knows where he's placing his bets.
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