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Latest Opinion Posts
Progressives Misinterpret 'Land of the Free'
No, America isn't just a place where people land to get free stuff. Ours is a land of precious freedoms of opportunity to set and achieve individual goals, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness exercised through free exchanges of services.
Gender-bending, Science-denying Penn Swim Champ All Wet
If gender-benders want to compete they can either compete in a special bent gender competition or they can compete with other members of their biological sex
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Using Tools They Have: Military, Govt Can End Supply Chain Crisis
In its routine operations, the military moves thousands of troops, vehicles, equipment, weapons, ammunition, food, etc. The military can also employ its supply chain knowledge, creating and coordinating processes to addresses supply chain backlogs.
Ex-Intel Head: Israel's Chance to Halt Iran's Enrichment Lost
Israel needs to invest in protecting its citizens from missile and rocket attacks.
Omicron Is No Excuse to Prolong the Pandemic
Omicron certainly merits watching. But our leaders must not overreact by turning back to lockdowns, forced closures, and curbs on gatherings because they feel the need to do something.
Vernon Jones Is GOP's Best Defense Against Stacey Abrams
Vernon Jones is the Democrats worst nightmare. The sooner the GOP, and the old party establishment realizes that and gets behind him, the better off Georgia and our country are going to be.
EPA Scientific Advisory Board Increasingly Resembles the Spanish Inquisition
PFAS regulation has been a hot topic for a few years now, and the issue has gained steam as part of a ruthless crusade by the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board.
Left's Racial Double Standard of Justice Best Seen in Wisconsin
Darrell E. Brooks, Jr., the man accused of killing at least six people and injuring scores of innocent victims was Black. He possesses a lengthy criminal history, including being accused of running over the mother of his child.
Still Think the Jan. 6 Committee is Above Politics?
Any question that the House Select Committee on the January 6 attack amounts to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's own personal kangaroo court should have disappeared this week.
Joe Rogan Is Right, He Just Doesn't Know It
In my humble opinion, Mr. Rogan is one of the best interviewers in the country. The comedian, actor, and sports commentator asks direct and pertinent questions. He also goes off on conversational tangents that are truly interesting to most listeners.
Dershowitz: Two Trials of Ghislaine Maxwell
In a TV interview, Bradley Edwards has said that based on his 11-year investigation, he does not believe that "any high-profile people would be implicated."
Military Threats May Blind US to Impending Climate Disaster
Obsession with military threats may blind us to a threat to American security that, in today's world, is far more serious: the impending climate catastrophe.
Why The Case Against Kimberly Potter Is a No Win
However the trial turns out, it will exacerbate racial divisions, inflame anti-police sentiment, and erode trust in the rule of law.
Two Key Issues Will Sink Biden, His Followers and Minders
If the president just kept his head at least on his first day in office and dodged these two bullets, he might not be facing the dismal personal and national future that he did this Thanksgiving weekend.
Biden Must Take Pro-Law Enforcement Stand  Against Progressive Dems
Today's Democratic Party is associated with defunding the police, ending cash bail for arrested felons, emptying prisons, and embracing the BLM and antifa "social justice protests" of 2020 that often involved looting, arson and assaults upon police.
Hateful Leftists Have Only Themselves to Blame for Kyle Rittenhouse
Leftists have only themselves to blame for Rittenhouse, his actions, and the two men he fatally shot.
Protecting Democracy Begins with Enhanced Civic Education
It’s critically important that we not lose sight of the need to provide formal instruction in government, history, capitalism and democracy that involves more than mere memorization of facts and procedures.
Red Light Therapy Shines Through as Paradigm-Busting Medical Technology
One of the premiere examples of a paradigm-busting breakthrough medical technology is Photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as red light therapy.
3 Reasons Democrats Will Be Even More Liberal Than Now in 2023
Led by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and animated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat Party continues to move ever farther Left.
It's Not Right vs. Left, It's Right vs. Wrong
Since both the political far-“Right” and far-“Left” are wrong in America, let’s examine why they are wrong and postulate what is socially, politically, and morally correct.
Even New York Voters Reject So-Called Democracy Reforms
Legislators in Georgia, Wisconsin and other states enact voter integrity measures, representing constituencies that are far more conservative than the residents of New York.
Lessons From 'Free Britney' Movement to Fight COVID
The #FreeBritney movement effectively used social media. It could serve as a model for a future movement toward ending COVID restrictions.
 Biden's Nuclear Disarmament Push Makes Him Look 'Carter-esque'
High gas prices, American retreat abroad, urban crime, drug addiction and talk of an Olympic boycott are all contributing to a sense that America is experiencing a kind of re-run of the late-1970s. As if those factors weren't enough, add arms control.
President Biden: Break Your Silence on the Islamic Republic of Iran
The brave Iranian people have taken to the streets peacefully protesting their corrupt government. The latest uprising is in the Isfahan province, the third largest city in Iran.
Biden-Xi Exemplifies Bad Version of Theatrical Summits
There is pageantry and expectation related to summits between the United States and other powers. However, summits have usually produced serious policy decisions agreed upon conceptually by the principal players, whose specifics are worked out by deputies.
Hollywood Still Loves 'It's a Wonderful Life'
“It's a Wonderful Life” will no doubt air multiple times this year. But there will be a bit of an additional twist to the regular television lineup. A group of Hollywood actors will participate in a special table read of the classic script.
Do Tattoos Make Men More Attractive?
Some people are surprised to find out that blue-suited executives and “nice girls” in pearls are inked beneath the conservative exterior.
Protect The Grid Via Multi-Trillion Dollar Legislation?
After studying this 2,740-page so-called $1.7 trillion “Infrastructure Act” recently signed into law by President Biden, colleagues and I find little that would, or could, support protecting the electric power grid.
Social Life Breathes More Freely in Florida, Palm Beach Events Show
By all accounts, the Palm Beach social season is poised to roar back to life with fewer intrusive precautions than those imposed in our once-great northern cities.
JFK's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation Remains Relevant Today
JFK's proclamation is a history lesson in what it means to be an American and persevere with God's help.
Biden's Numbers Tank as US Rattles Sabers at Russia
U.S. foreign policy and the military establishment exist in an echo chamber. They believe their rhetoric that the rest of the world is eagerly awaiting its orders from Washington and that the U.S. has the moral right, and the ability, to tell the rest of the world what to do.
Abbott Makes Bold Statements, But Does Little on Immigration
The mainstream media portrays Gov. Abbott as a racist immigration hawk because he says he doesn’t support Biden’s open border policies and has sent National Guard units to the border. If journalists would do their jobs, they would know that the border leaks like a sieve.
The Washington D.C. Swamp: Wider and Deeper Than Ever
While much has been written by about the dangers of the expanding administrative state, few people are aware of the actual size of governing agencies.
Protest Rally Against Catholic Bishops Takes Place in Baltimore
On November 16, after a dramatic legal battle, Church Militant held the “Enough is Enough” protest rally/conference at Baltimore MECU pavilion
Real Justice Is Now Rittenhouse's Case Against Media, Celebs and Biden
For those who followed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial closely, there is no doubt in their minds that the young man who shot rioters in Kenosha, Wisc. was not guilty of murder. Most of America, however, did not watch the proceedings, or not closely, at least.
You Can End Inflation Mr. Biden, by Convening Bretton Woods II
Mr. President, forge a legacy to rival that of FDR’s. End inflation, restore equitable prosperity; enjoy the popularity and golden age legacy that Bretton Woods II, done right, would bring you.
Regulatory Barriers to 5G Threaten to Cede Critical Ground to China
In fact, the U.S. maintaining its high tech advantage in the 5G arena has national security implications.
GOP Overconfidence Key to Democrats Survival Strategy
House Republicans stand to make historic gains in the 2022 midterm elections. They will retake the majority in impressive fashion as long as they can maintain unity and stay on offense against the radical left agenda.
Archbishop Gomez Advocates True Social Justice
"The Gospel remains the most powerful force for social change that the world has ever seen."
As Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program Surges, Biden Discusses New Appeasement
Congress and the American people must tell President Biden that this is a time to punish, and not reward Iran for its stepped-up efforts to construct nuclear weapons.
What if the Leviathan That Is Govt Destroys Freedom?
What if the dual purposes of the Constitution were and remain the establishment of the federal government and the imposition of restraints upon it?
Stop Comrade Omarova From Taking Over US Economy
Thursday, senators questioned Biden's nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Dr. Saule Omarova, though we should call her Comrade Omarova.
America Must Pray for Peace
As one blood, one human race, we can resolve our differences peacefully.
McLaughlin Poll: Voters Really Can't Stand Joe Biden, But They Dislike Kamala Harris Even More
As the Biden Democrats continue to fail America, the voters are looking for an election to perform an intervention.
To Lower Energy Prices, Biden Administration Must Look Inward
This week President Biden showed just how wide the intellectual disconnect within his administration has become with regards to reining in America's surging energy costs.
Afghan Operation a 'Success'? Here's What Failure Looks Like
Operation Allies Welcome - the Biden administration's airlift of some 90,000 Afghans into the U.S. - is looking more like Operation All Welcome.
US Melting Pot Makes Affirmative Action Admissions Obsolete
In short, 2022 should be the year that the Roberts Court, with a resounding majority, tosses racial and ethnic "preferences," in college and professional-school admissions, in the ashcan of history.
5 Ways to Keep Your Home a Sanctuary in the Digital Age
Families live together but often spend hours each day separately connected to a pipeline of entertainment and information from the public square. It’s time to reclaim our homes.
The 2022 GOP Primaries Are the 'Arena' for America First
President Teddy Roosevelt’s words in his famous "Man in the Arena" speech are worth our rumination.
Kyle Rittenhouse and the Liberal Media's Race Against Facts
The left leaning publication The Intercept ran an article labeling Rittenhouse an “armed, pro-Trump fanatic” who “chose to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and hunt down anti-racist protesters.”
60 Percent of Voters Oppose Payments to Undocumented Separated at Border
Twenty-nine percent of voters are in favor of providing payments to individuals entering the United States without documentation who were separated from their families. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 60% are opposed.
Callista Gingrich: Congress Must Stand Against Genocide in Democrats' Spending Bill
Members of Congress need to get to the bottom of why this important provision was removed from the Build Back Better Act.
Biden and Francis: The Message We Should Take Away
Yes, this meeting of Biden and Francis is a teaching moment, but not with the message Biden intended.
Conservative Purism Is Needed Now for the GOP
The GOP does not need Democrats in sheep's clothing serving in Washington or anywhere else.
Illegal Immigrants Uncountable in Biden's Open Borders
President Joe Biden, his handlers, and the socialist Democrats seek to change America with an open borders mentality and governance.
Why Is It Hard to Breathe in a Mask? It's Not the Reason You Think.
Let go of your nose and breathe normally through it for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this for a few minutes, many times a day. This exercise is also ideal for stopping a panic attack in its tracks.
The Big Winners and Losers From Virginia's Gubernatorial Race
Other losers include Attorney General Garland, the Clintons, Obama, President Obama (0 for 4 on endorsements), Stacey Abrams, the NEA, Black Lives Matter and critical race theory.
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