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Latest Opinion Posts
Look Like That Young Employee - Here's How
The ability to remain teachable and flexible remains a desirable job quality with every passing year, as older adults are re-entering the workforce, or deciding to work longer, especially with more teleworking options available.
Even Pros Don't Get It Right Every Time
If things don’t go as planned or hoped for, it is not a measure of your worth or general abilities. It is just life.
Hawkeye State Returns School Choice to Parents
Instead of seeing their tax dollars go to a public (read: government) school system they don’t support, parents will have access to up to $7,598.00 per year that is held in an education savings account.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Joe Won't Learn from the Past, So We're Closer to WWIII
Biden has been doing everything possible to escalate war. Since Russia invaded on Feb. 24 of last year, the United States has given Ukraine more than $50 billion in aid, including artillery and advanced military weapons systems.
When Will 'Powers That Be' Protect the Electric Grid?
I became frustrated that Washington’s “Powers that Be” were doing nothing to address this existential threat and decided to try to address the problem from “The Bottom Up” — starting locally and then working up to the state and federal authorities.
McLaughlin Poll: 2023 Mood of American Voters? Foul
America’s voters still face very serious issues, but it’s very clear they are not happy, and they have postponed their decision for real change to 2024.
What's Become of Personal Liberty In a Once Free Society?
What has become of personal liberty in our once free society? The government, already possessed of our property, which it steals under the guise of taxation, can never be trusted with our liberty, which it crushes behind our backs
House GOP Exposes Dems as Pro-violence, Abortion-loving
JRB’s Democratic Party is AOK with busted windows, broken doors, and blazing churches, all to protect abortion, even against living, breathing newborns, always, everywhere, and with pompoms waving.
No Second Amendment Would Render Us Powerless
America is on a razor's edge. Three mass shootings in the past 48 hours have the usual liberal suspects exploiting the carnage to push gun control.
Is GOP Becoming Party of Fiscally Reckless Gov't?
If you follow policy debates long enough, arguments you never thought you'd hear can become key components of the two parties' policy platforms. That's certainly the case when it comes to some Republicans and their new "never touch Social Security and Medicare."
Law Enforcement Must Clamp Down on Pro-riot Antifa
Atlanta Police are not sugar-coating the violent protests that have plagued the city this month. Saturday the department charged six individuals on eight counts that include "interference with government property" and "domestic terrorism," both felonies.\
How Dems Pulled Off Immigration Scam of the Century
I must, in all humility, tip my hat to President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for pulling off the swindle of the century regarding our open border.
Who Is Enabling Violence in America?
The past week saw riots in Atlanta and Boston. In Atlanta, the rioters were allegedly up in arms about the death of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, an environmental activist who was shot and killed by police after he shot a Georgia State Trooper in the stomach. (The officer...
Hunter, China, Biden Document Connections Warrant Curiosity
Significant questions remain regarding an unknown universe of people who may have had access to the top secret government documents in President Joe Biden's possession over these many years.
Debt Limit Fight Ignores Other Ways to Reduce Deficits
The national debt recently reached its legal ceiling. Until Congress increases the ceiling, the government can't borrow money to pay its bills - expenses Congress itself has authorized - which greatly exceed what taxes currently bring in.
National Debt Reflects a Rudderless Nation
As tensions about raising the nation's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling build, the headline that should be flashing in front of every American is that our country is not working.
They're Coming for NEWSMAX, Are You Next?
Freedom of speech, granted by our creator, not the state, is enshrined and more importantly codified, in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It's our first freedom for a very good reason; we have no republic or liberty without it.
Resurgence of Right to Life Still Far Off
Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court took a terribly wrong turn in Roe v. Wade. Thankfully, that has been overturned, but we have much ground to cover in America to see a resurgence of the right to life.
Did Extremism on Both Sides Kill Roe?
The landmark Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health ruling represents a fundamental failure on the part of the left. But it is more like a symphony of failure in three parts.
Bill Donohue: Catholics Should Drop DirecTV
Newsmax disseminates a fair presentation of Catholic issues, making it a unique enterprise in TV land.
Democrats Are Destroying Louisiana
Texas and Florida enjoy the benefits of wise Republican leadership. In contrast, Louisiana is saddled with a liberal Democrat governor and liberal Democrats as mayors of Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
Why Trump Can't Be Ruled Out in '24
It is still early days, but despite all the reversals, 2024 could be Trump's to lose.
Is Israel World's Most Divided Nation?
The tumultuous protests against the planned reforms to Israel's judicial system seem to be tearing Israeli society apart. Prominent newspapers around the world have not only reported the plan to reform Israel's justice system, but have actually taken sides.Thomas Friedman...
Don't Fall for Biden's Obamacare Boosterism
Covering up Obamacare's faulty structure with ever-greater amounts of taxpayer money is no public policy victory.
New York Can't Take Migrants, So Who Can?
The answer is that the government needs to secure our borders, enforce our laws, and send illegal immigrants back to their home countries. The answer is to head off the problem before it becomes one.
Is Partisan Spin the Death Spiral of American Politics?
The political battle of our time is to stop the exponential proliferation of dummies, dimwits, deviants, and dullards from controlling America's destiny.
Mission No. 1 for US House: Nation's Security
Recently we learned classified documents have been found in various places where President Joe Biden "inadvertently," "unintentionally" or "mistakenly" "stored" or "misplaced" them. All those verbs and adverbs have been used in the ensuing media circus.
Davos Self-appointed Elites are China's Useful Idiots
Like all narcissist elites, the Davos crowd has contempt for the democratic person and despise the political process because unenlightened, ordinary people might reject at the ballot box their self-proclaimed right to govern.
Stop Playing Politics with our Military's Health
As it stands now, the assistant secretary of Department of Defense Health Affairs position, that is, the primary individual responsible for all health and medical issues affecting our military, has been left vacant for far too long.
UN Misuses International Law at Israel's Expense
The international community is quick to condemn Israel’s alleged violation of non-existing international laws while at the same time it ignores recognized international law.
Well-structured Legal Teams Vital to RNC, GOP Survival
One may argue that a better use of RNC funds would be expenses related to convincing voters to vote Republican (advertising, polling, etc.). If elections are not fair and rules are not enforced equally, however, Democrats may have great advantages or virtually be guaranteed a victory.
Time for GOP to Hire a New Coach
Legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, someone who knew how to win championships and for whom the Super Bowl Trophy is named, said, "Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."
How Donald Trump Saved My Life - Part II
It everlastingly amazes me how most people I meet have a relative or friend suffering in agony from kidney failure, yet it is not considered a serious societal problem. Few can connect the dots.
Can America's Fraying Social Fabric Be Saved?
"What was really fascinating to us is when we pulled up to Somerset and how vibrant it is," he said. "You read stories where small-town America is struggling, but honestly, they have everything we have back home, and it is way more affordable."
Soros Spends Millions on Democrats, 'Reform' Evaporates
This writer's point isn’t that Soros should be prevented from participating in American politics or distributing charitable money. Far from it. There may be issues, such as criminal justice reform or freedom in China, where he’s advancing worthwhile goals.
Globalism Can Meet Its Waterloo: An 8-point Plan
When citizens act on their own or in concert with others in a few commonsense ways, we can affect course corrections in local school boards, in city, county and state governments, as well as at the national level.
Iger's Tough Task: Rebuilding Public Trust in Disney Brand
The Happiest Place on Earth is in pretty sad shape. Returned CEO Bob Iger now finds himself facing an extremely tough task — how to stop the deconstruction of the Disney brand before its too late, and how to then lift the company back up out of the rubble.
No Laughs in the George Santos Story
Last week's developments in the George Santos saga only underscore the depths of desperation of the House Republicans.
Biden Classified Docs Fiasco: Abuse of Power, Arrogance
Now more than ever, it's crucial that Congress thoroughly investigate this scandal, disclosing all details to the American people, and do so without the slightest hesitation.
Why the Twitter Files are Worse Than You Think
As each new chapter of the Twitter Files exposé emerges, the extraordinary extent of the government takeover of the Twitter platform and other social media outlets keeps growing.
March for Life About Justice, Value of Human Life
We need to continue to be there for unborn children, we need to continue to offer love and support to vulnerable mothers, and we need to continue to spread Christ’s message of love and unity to the least among us.
Trump's Message to Davos: Nation's Highest Duty Is to Its Citizens
Only when governments put their own citizens first will people be fully invested in their nation’s future. Honoring this truth is the only way to build faith and confidence in the market system, and restores the bonds that unite citizens and power nations.
How Do We Benefit from Engaging with Iran's Regime? We Don't
It's more than well-worth it to ask how, exactly, the American people benefit from our government's decision to engage in diplomacy with a regime. A tyrannical power structure which desires the demise of our nation and Israel, our strongest Mideast ally.
Michigan Surpasses Nevada in Inviting Election Fraud
The midterms were disappointing for Republicans, but they did take the House. The much bigger loss in November was the rigging of rules for all future elections in a swing state like Michigan.
For a Brighter Future Russia Must Confront Its Past
Next week will mark the 99th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's death. After he died, Lenin's body was embalmed and displayed in a mausoleum in Moscow. I think this war in Ukraine became inevitable because Putin couldn’t let go of the Soviet past.
Let New Israeli Govt Define Itself Before Condemning It
When Menachem Begin was elected Israeli prime minister in 1977 no one imagined that he, the epitome of a right winger, would bring about the Camp David Accords. And yet, it was Begin who brokered peace between Israel and Egypt.
Continued US Support of Airbus Is Uncommonly Bad Sense
When a company is being sued by the people who effectively own it, maybe we shouldn't trust them with attack helicopters.

Regeneron Science Contest Recognizes Brightest Young US Scientists
The venerable Science Talent Search, founded in 1942 by Westinghouse Electric, must be celebrated for recognizing America's brightest young scientists, regardless of their race, ethnicity, creed or gender.
Documentary: Western Civilization, Our Freedoms In Danger
The film inveighs against secularization, the devaluing of our Judeo-Christian heritage and our religious institutions and the loss of respect for people of faith.
Recent Fusion Experiment Warrants Delving Into
The second law of thermodynamics says essentially that you can’t create new energy from used energy, or out of nothing.
In the Long Run, Few Can Sustain Cost of War
American help accounts for about half of all aid to Ukraine.
Has CNN Become the Newsroom for Misfit Republicans?
Lucky for CNN’s dwindling audience, primarily travelers stuck in airports, incoming CEO Chris Licht had a winning strategy to gain back viewers. Licht signaled he wanted the network’s programming to reflect a wider range of outlooks.
Seeking Justice Means Recognizing Our Differences, Affirming Christ
Authentic Christian unity does not mean pretending there are no serious doctrinal disagreements between denominations. It does mean working to come to a deeper understanding of what those differences are.
GOP Should Hold Santos to Same Standards They do Biden
Democrats and progressives need to decline to engage in the "so-whatism" which allows them to condemn George Santos while collectively shrugging that President Biden’s embellishments and fabrications are "just Joe being Joe."
UBS Arena, Islanders All About Family
The days of the old Nassau Coliseum, or the Islanders brief stop at Barclays Center, are a distant memory. What is not forgotten is fan loyalty and what has made the Islanders special, and now they have a special, first class, venue to treat their fans to.
Pastor Ben McBride Evokes MLK by Making a Difference
Oakland, California is a place ravaged by violence. McBride, a native of San Francisco, sought to do something beyond just praying.
McCarthy, Trump and Freedom Caucus Big Winners in House Speaker Showdown
Newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy came perilously close to paying the ultimate price for the "sins" of his Republican predecessor Paul Ryan.
New Congress, Same Priorities: Blocking Costly Legislation
The effects of Washington’s reckless spending has forced local governments to allocate more money just to keep emergency vehicles running and potholes filled, worried educators tasked with meeting demands for school transportation, delayed construction projects, and squeezed family budgets.
Biden Must Stop Choking US Economy
Then presidential candidate Joe Biden pledged repeatedly to "end fossil fuel." And he ran as the most anti-energy candidate in our history. Then once he was in office, he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office.
Public School Enrollment Fell From 50.8M to 49.4M in 2019-20
Between Fall 2019 and Fall 2020, enrollment in U.S. public schools dropped from 50.8 million to 49.4 million, a drop of 2.8%, according to the National Center for Education statistics.
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