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Latest Opinion Posts
Dodgers Endorse Self-Indulgence, Not Virtue
The Los Angeles Dodgers’ decision to invite Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to its June 16 event has prompted outrage from fans who want to keep politics off the field and Catholics who are offended by the explicit satirizing of their Christian faith.
May New UN Pres. Elevate Voice of People Over Global Din
May they succeed in elevating the voice of the people over the din of the international machinery meant to serve rather than script them.
Like It or Not, We're the New 'Greatest Generation'
We are the New Greatest Generation. Like our ancestors, we have no choice.
Thankfully, SCOTUS Still Sees Our Homes as Castles
The United States wasn’t merely founded on the principles of freedom and capitalism. Private property ownership also factored into the equation. That may be what disturbs politicians and bureaucrats the most. They like to think of everything as being all theirs.
Are Parents the Culprits Harming Children?
Child education begins in the family home where the groundwork for healthy children of both mind and body must begin.
Time to End Reign of Boomer Conservatives
As a Millennial conservative commentator myself, I know all too well the dangers of letting the Boomer conservatives continue leading us astray and repackaging stale 1984 dogma instead of advancing cutting-edge 2023 solutions.
Dems' Destroy America Agenda Is Working
The House GOP intends to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for stonewalling. More contemptible is a broad pattern of internal subversion and decay of democratic principles and protections we have all too casually taken for granted.
Time to Abolish the Electoral College
The GOP is angry about the intelligence community being weaponized against them in the 2016 and 2020 elections.
Religion's Role in Remembering Those Who Sacrificed for Us
American parents, myself included, explain on Memorial Day to our children and family that our country, the United States of America, is truly a blessed nation. Its military inherited the tradition of honoring the ultimate sacrifice that has come down to us from Abraham.
Memo to NAACP: Blacks Thrive in Sunshine State
Despite the NAACP's recent travel advisory to Florida, Black Americans have been flourishing in the booming Sunshine State for more than four decades.
Political Theater Can Be Hazardous to Prosperity, Health
Too many politicians are thespians. When there's a conflict - as there often is - between appearing to solve problems and actually helping to solve those problems, politicians can almost always be counted on to put appearance over substance.
McCarthy Proves Easy to Woo, Placing Nation in Peril
Joe Biden’s massive, multi-trillion dollar trio of spending packages that McCarthy should have demanded be cut are now destined to spike our budget deficit, soaring national debt, and already out of control inflation.
Fiscal Gunfights Undermine Credibility of Our Gov't
Few nations can rival the United States in its ability to turn mundane processes such as putting together a budget into melodramatic must-see television that evokes the entire range of human emotions such as greed, betrayal, anger, jealousy, gluttony and even lust.
COVID Blame Game Thrives, at Our Expense
It always was a mistake for Washington policymakers to target one dangerous and potentially fatal disease without factoring in the unintended consequences of draconian isolation, even if policymakers meant well.
NAACP's Travel Ban Stunt Can Be Gleefully Ignored
A constructive travel warning to Black travelers would raise their awareness of crime and violence, but that would mean acknowledging that the perpetrators would likely share their skin color. And, there’s no political payoff.
Biden Must Now Focus on Avoiding Economic Uncertainty
Those who are angry at Biden, the bipartisan compromiser, should remember who the president is, who he ran as, who he has always been: a bipartisan compromiser.
Why Miami's Suarez Should Run
Among the many presidential aspirants, only Miami Mayor Francis Suarez crusades, in theory and practice, on robust technology innovation as the necessary means to vault America back to sizzling equitable prosperity.
Asheville Gets It on Police Officer Retention
Make no mistake, Asheville and other citizens throughout the country need their police or they will continue to see their safety deteriorate.
GOP, Dems in Congress Should Ensure PBMs are Part of Drug Price Talks
Whereas we used to dance for Big Pharma, now we've changed the tune.
US Interests Can Diverge, So Israel Must Stand Up for Itself
U.S.-Israel interests are becoming increasingly discordant, and Israel should not expect the U.S. to take Israel's best interest into consideration.
To Win, GOP Must Move from Country Club to Real World
The problem for the future of the Republican Party is that Country Club Republicans are firmly at the wheel. While they're "driving this bus," they are concurrently cocksure, foolhardy, bursting at the seams with confidence as what they do, in reality, is drive the party off a political cliff.
'Curtailment' Both a Problem and Opportunity for Solar
Curtailment today is a major problem, but it is also an opportunity, since more green power is already available if we can figure out how to use it.
DeSantis the Real Deal, Has Presidential Firepower
This is a man who stands firmly in cement regarding his view of the world in terms of right and wrong, and man's ability and responsibility to make the right choices.
Dems Switch Allegiance From Workers to Freeloaders
Democrats argue that all human beings deserve dignity. Of course they do, but that shouldn't mean a lifetime seat on the taxpayer-funded gravy train.
We've Gone from Greatest Generation to Weakest
We are raising a generation with millions of Greta Thunbergs.
GOP Must Trounce Dems' Jan. 6 Argument
Republicans must point out that the Jan. 6th Committee did not produce any evidence indicating that Trump ordered the Riot.
Politicized Baseball Brings Hatred Against Catholics
Like so many other things in life, America’s favorite pastime has been politicized. In the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own,” Tom Hanks’s character Jimmy Dugan utters the famous line," There’s no crying in baseball!" Well, Jimmy, there’s crying in baseball today.
Let's Reclaim Commencements for Graduates
Graduation should be a time for those receiving degrees to bask in their accomplishments. Instead, it has become subjected to a barrage of speeches that do little more than stroke the ego of those behind the microphone.
Sen. Sinema Shouldn't Let Julie Su Turn Ariz. Into Calif.
In non-Right to Work California, unionized workers can be forced to pay union dues. This creates a vicious cycle where union bosses, funded by forced union dues, promote politicians who push policies designed to further enlarge union coffers.
We are Bigger than Our Politics, Media and Culture
How Americans reacted to golf pro Michael Block's series of unexpected highlights defines the unchanging veracity about the human condition: In short, we are more aspirational than our politics and culture evoke.
Are We Facing World War III?
In a war with a great power, a smaller state's only hope might be to bring another great power in on its side. And great powers act out of fears based on perceptions, not simply objective facts.
 Texas School Administrators Get, and Deserve Failing Grade
While many senior’s families would be receiving bills for graduation gown rental, graduation photos and graduation announcements, only 5 seniors would actually be receiving a diploma. That’s 5 out of a graduating class of 33.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Are You Really What You Eat?
Research suggests a link between personality and palate. This appears to be yet another reason that when getting to know someone, personally or professionally, shared meals are revealing through both manners and menu selection.
Antisemitism in America Is Beyond Out of Control
We must come together with one voice to loudly proclaim that antisemitism has no place in American politics. Full stop. We need to shift from defense to offense.
State Public Plans No Blueprint for Affordable Healthcare
A divided Congress has prevented "Medicare for All" from taking off. So progressive activists have turned their attention to the states. ... The results have not been impressive.
Dems Demonize Scott, Attack His Skin Color
The GOP cannot win. When a Republican group, gathering, or government body lacks Blacks, then it’s run by white nationalists. If it includes Blacks, then they’re tokens. Which is it?
Attacks on Whistleblowers Hurt Bureau's Nonpolitical Reputation
Assuring that government whistleblowers can come forward without fear of retaliation is essential for government accountability and for promoting a responsible and ethical federal workforce.
Trump No Threat to Democracy, and Never Has Been
There's no reason to soft-pedal it: If you believed the Russia collusion narrative and everything it entails, you were duped.
FISA Warrants Lawful, but Unconstitutional
Does the government work for us, or do we work for the government? What employee gets away with spying on his employers?
Save U.S. National Security Supply Chain Before It's Lost
It is now the eleventh hour. Now is the time to implement real measures with real teeth to save what is left of America’s supply chain, while rekindling the American spirit to rebuild what we've already lost.
We Must Revive Our Nation's Foundations, or Face Ruin
With another Memorial Day upon us, we may consider the question: Is America still worth fighting for?
Biden Dangerously Puts Abortion Politics Ahead of Security
After a years-long process to find the perfect spot for America's Space Command, the most radical president in history seems to be hanging his final choice on a completely unrelated policy: abortion.
GOP Voters: 57 Percent Say Trump Should Debate Republican Candidates
A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that just 26% say it is appropriate for him to skip the debates.
Drugs, Hard Core Criminals Real Threat to America
Hard core drugs and hard core criminals are the greatest domestic threat to the United States, not white supremacists.
Can Cultural Collaborations Actually Bring Peace?
Music, like sport, is an international language. The focus is on performance, on perfection, on creativity. Politics be damned.
Let's Proceed Carefully on AI
A more sinister use of AI is to modify or distort photos and videos for propaganda or political purposes. Or, it could create a brand new personality, background and all.
Do Our Kids Thrive Because We Worry, or In Spite of It? 
The concern is whether she will find a good job she loves, at a salary high enough to support herself and build security. And whether she will find happiness and contentment. No worries . . . but fingers crossed.
Because He's Real, Conservative Voters Want Trump
President Trump is fully committed to America First values. He will shamelessly pursue them. He has shown us his strength of character and fortitude previously, and the right team will uplift him to achieve heightened levels of success. Other candidates are just a tribute band.
Deploy Strategy Exporting Freedom, Democracy to China
If we don’t help bring American-level standards of political and religious freedom there, China will keep pressing to export Communist standards of compliance and conformity here.
Let Dems Fund Reparations, Not the Rest of Us
If the Democrats who created the institution of slavery, defended it, fought for it and then, after Republicans defeated it, brought about another racist program, the policy of Jim Crow, it seems to this writer that it is they, the Democratic Party, which ought to pay reparations.
As Usual, Left Gets It Wrong on N.Y. Exodus
The New York Times editorial page writers have been promoting the notion that the high cost of housing is New York's most pressing problem and the key reason why people are moving to the South and Southwest.
Make Kids Responsible for Their Own Choices
Children need to feel safe, respected, and loved. Helping them to learn the realities of life by working hard, building integrity, and understanding accountability makes them feel more self-confident and generally leads to a more successful and purposeful life.
Anchorage Mayor: Small Town Values for a Big City
Amid the modern American political landscape, Mayor Dave Bronson of Anchorage, Alaska, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of small-town values and the significant impact they can have when applied to a large city's governance.
Trump Still Defines GOP
While there will always be detractos, the former president has proved his dominance and ideological approach to Republicanism is here to stay.
Nation Has Problems, but Still Offers Opportunity, Diversity
While we still have problems, this nation has been through a miracle of opportunity and diversity. Let’s celebrate.  
Americans Don't Want to Fail and They Want Trump Back to Lead
Sanity returned before. It can and will again. One man can do this. He remains ready to lead.
The Left is Waging a War on Women
The Democratic Party has taken women for granted for years, believing they can displace biological women with men who masquerade as women and still rely on their vote.
China's Plans for Global Dominance Dangerously Insidious
The unprecedented surge of male Chinese immigrants at the southern border is another wakeup call that the CCP/PRC move on Taiwan may happen sooner than anticipated.
Message of N.Y. Subway Death? Don't Get Involved?
If there was any doubt that the charge against Penny was based on racial politics, look at who will deliver the eulogy at his funeral . . . the Rev. Al Sharpton! Need more be said?
Congress Shouldn't Restrict 1st Amendment
It is disturbing to behold a bi-partisan group of politicians advocating a big government attempt to restrict the First Amendment in a disastrous piece of legislation called the RESTRICT ACT.
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