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Feds Decide to Stop Paying People to Stay Home
It’s time for America to go back to work. A virus with a survival rate of 99.8% for individuals should not be allowed to permanently infect the economy.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Biden's Next Foreign Policy Fiasco Will Be Reviving the Iran Nuclear Deal
He and his staff should gauge whether rejoining the JCPOA is worth the scrutiny and criticism that may ensue and endure for years to come.
About That Pandemic. . .
I am sorry to report that there is no happy end yet in sight.
'American Marxism' by Mark Levin Is an Extraordinary Book
It is my hope that readers get through the book because it is an education in Marx’s ideological doctrines and his influence on contemporary progressives, democratic socialists, and community activists dedicated to destroying our economic and religious freedoms.
'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' Is the Antidote to CRT
America must go full Nagasaki on Critical Race Theory.
Rewriting the History of 9/11?
In recent years, we have seen the phenomenon of historical revisionism being taught in our schools. Usually, this deals with events centuries ago. But what about historical revisionism involving something in our own time?
A Printed Circuit Board Factory-in-a-Box?
Great inventions are successful when they drive some combination of improved speed and/or ease of use, better quality, or greater ability compared to the preceding product or service. We have seen this all around us.
More Than Half of Voters Can Do Without Masks; Government Should, Too
The COVID-19 pandemic has truly shown us the ugly side of how our government (and some of our bureaucrats for that matter) can treat those who don't "follow the science."
New Woodward Book Alleges Terrifying Treason by Top US General
Advance information in a soon-to-be-released book titled “Peril” authored by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa asserts that America’s top military officer orchestrated what amounts to a secret insurrectionist coup against the Trump presidency.
Biden Admits Economy Bad, But Has a Plan - To Make it Worse
Perhaps Biden can be forgiven. No one has ever accused him of being a Crackerjack economist. His expertise lies elsewhere,
Americans Souring on Biden - and Washington
If all three branches of the U.S. government have lost or are losing the confidence of their countrymen, what does that suggest is the future for our democratic republic?
Are Vaccine Mandates Twilight's Last Gleaming?
It was scandalous and infuriating to hear President Joseph R. Biden argue last week that his so-called vaccine mandates somehow have nothing to do with freedom or personal choice.
Media Exploit the Pope Again
The media have been using Pope Francis from the beginning of his pontificate.
Overwhelming Evidence Demands Biden Impeachment
If there’s any a time more compelling to impeach and remove a president from office, it’s now. People died on Joe Biden's watch. It’s time for him to go.
Biden's Prescription Drug Plan Is Nothing More Than Price Controls
It's certain that future patients would be deprived of cures under the scheme
US Support for Israel Ironclad No More
It was once axiomatic that United States support for Israel was ironclad and crossed over the aisle - that election after election, term after term, almost every member of Congress appreciated just how important Israel was and how essential it was to support Israel.
The Newsom Problem
Welcome to California.

Biden's Medical Apartheid Puts Bull's-Eye on 'Deplorables'
Biden has imposed a medical apartheid that places a bull's-eye on the backs of the ''deplorables'' while exempting key groups he deems more worthy. ...
We Are at Our Best When We Follow Our Better Angels
Lt. Col. Meyers reminded me that Americans are often at our best when we stop being Republicans and Democrats, dissidents or sycophants, and we simply follow our better angels. ...

A History of Money and Debt
Money creation and distribution is and will always be the exclusive privilege of the state, for no other reason than to manipulate its value for international commerce needs. ...
20 Years On, We've Learned Nothing From 9/11
I desperately hope that somehow the United States will adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy, which would actually protect us from another attack. I truly wish Americans would demand that their leaders learn from history.
McLaughlin Poll: Biden Numbers 'Crater,' US Worried, Kamala Not Liked
These polls suggest American voters will be anxious to render their votes on these policies in 2022 and 2024.
Celebrating Yom Kippur in an Interdependent World
Through world events such as wars, climate change, and the pandemic, we now see with perfect clarity that all we do, whether good or bad, will affect everyone, so we need to carefully examine our thoughts and deeds. ...
 If Played Well, 'Bidenization' of US Giving GOP a Winning Hand
As the shambles of the Biden Administration opens up tremendous political opportunities for resurgent Republicans, some party spokesmen, in familiar Republican tradition, are opening themselves up to the charge of being reactionaries.
Lebanon's New Government Is Biden's Latest Betrayal
Having witnessed Biden’s weakness and the staggering ineptitude of his foreign policy team, Tehran has no reason to come to terms quickly, easily, or, indeed, at all.
America's History Lesson: Don't Sell Us Short
It’s no surprise that some Americans are now feeling pessimistic about the future of our country and are saying our best days are behind us, but that viewpoint is actually short-sighted.
Jones Act Can Halt China's Quest for Global Dominance
Allowing China to have a constant presence in America’s heartland on the more than 25,000 miles of inland waterways would clearly make America less secure. And it would make us more and more dependent upon, and vulnerable to, the CCP.
Vaccination: Employers Needn't Panic Over Workers' Threats to Quit
Some employers worry that requiring vaccination (or obnoxious frequent testing) of all employees will cause a lot of their workers to quit. A few may indeed leave. But my own experience suggests that employers need not panic about this possibility.
Post-Afghanistan Debacle: What Is the Future of Global Terror?
Based on the already horrifying early returns, America may be set for a period of unprecedented difficulties.
Behind Biden's Catastrophe in Afghanistan
"While Biden did not join the antiwar protest movement in his youth, his formative experience growing up was the Vietnam War."
Gov. George Pataki's Bipartisan Leadership Needed Now More Than Ever
George Pataki has shown us all what real American leadership is. It’s a blueprint to help heal our divide, get America back on the right track and enable our nation to be a neighborhood once again.
Dems Appropriated Child Tax Credit From GOP; Republicans Must Regain Ground
While it's a relief to see Democrats embrace a policy regarding children that doesn't involve mask mandates in schools, it would be nice if they gave credit where credit is due: They've borrowed the idea of a Child Tax Credit from Republicans.
Stopping the Next Historic Attack on the United States
Will Washington never learn the lessons of Pearl Harbor and 9/11?
9/11: The Assault on the Empire of Liberty
While somberly recalling the victims and celebrating the heroes of 9/11 let's not neglect what that assault was all about. Or its impact. "Terrorism" is about tactics. What we encountered was resurgent tyranny.
'Turning Point 9/11' a Great History Lesson - If We'll Learn It
What's most impressive with this docuseries is how balanced and unbiased Brian Knapperberger remained throughout. He doesn’t look at the situation with a jaundiced eye, nor does he take ideological sides.
Desperate Biden Spin Reveals Panic Stricken Disaster in Afghanistan
Neither President George W. Bush nor President Trump would have let this happen.
The Crisis Makes the Man
9/11 will be remembered and commemorated for many reasons. Most in the nation will focus on those killed and those who risked all during those first few hours and days.America was blessed that it had the exact right president for this same period in time.
Masking Kids and the End of Debate
Taking the country back now means taking our children back, which should be done even if it means embracing the discomforting reality of the culture war being fought over them.
If Union Chief Can't Expose Corruption, Rank-and-File Workers Don't Stand a Chance
Is International Association of Machinists national President Bob Martinez more adamant about punishing a fellow IAM officer who blows the whistle on corruption than he is about punishing an officer who misappropriates thousands and thousands of dollars?
Bush Set an Example of Leading Through Tragedy
As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, let us not forget the individuals who lost their lives in these atrocious events.
Since Biden Can't Lead, Extremists Have the Upper Hand
The Biden administration isn’t in a position to lead. Its dramatic failure in the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has resulted in leaders of the free world condemning America’s ineptitude. It appears the extremists have the upper hand.
Abortion Violates Individual Liberty
Laws allowing for abortion let mothers annihilate their children's liberties while the government sits back and sponsors it.
A Radical Racial Reeducation Program at Google
A Google employee program claims that America is a "system of white supremacy" and that all Americans are "raised to be racist."
It's Time for an Artificial Intelligence Reality Check
The Singularity is coming! The Singularity is coming!If you're getting tired of hearing that "strong AI" is just around the corner, you're not alone.
Democratic Preemptive Surrender
Where does America go from here? What is the antidote?
Blinded by Ineptness, Here Are Consequences Biden Failed To See
He has failed to see that the consequences of his actions.
Savings Are Key to a Happy Life
"If I tell you nothing else ever, that’s enough."
Jenna Ellis: California Must Recall Newsom, Vote for Lawmaker Kevin Kiley
California has its best opportunity in recent history to get back to normal
Biden's Foreign Policy: A Falling Tide
The president who heavily criticized his predecessor for unilateral decision-making left his allies completely in the dark during one of the most consequential decisions in this century. Needless to say, our allies have become disillusioned.
The Week That Was ... No Help for the Grid
I watched the news all last week hoping to conceive a positive message for Labor Day weekend that could follow the Afghanistan debacle. Alas, I found no good news — especially for dealing with existential threats to our electric power grid.
Glenn Beck, Fellow Citizens Step Up to the Plate on Afghanistan
As of this writing, he and his organization have used the funds to save 5,200 people from the group that is holding the innocent captive, the Taliban.
Southern Border Makes Plight of Lost Foster Care Kids Worse
By hastily reversing some Trump policies and changing the tone in Washington to a shrug toward illegal immigration rather than a firm stance, the Biden administration has made coming to the U.S. more lucrative for human traffickers.
Afghan Abandonment Unnecessary If Rules Followed
America's catastrophic retreat from Afghanistan did not need to happen.It was not just a failure of commonsense. It was multiple violations of State and Defense Department regulations.
One Doctor's Idea of COVID Justice Amounts to Injustice
Courtney Chavez received a shocking letter from her doctor at Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics telling her that since she won’t get the vaccine, she is no longer a patient.
Should You Share Your Vaccinated Status On Dating Apps?
With so many people already vaccinated, the question has become whether or not someone should advertise his or her vaccine status online.  Some apps have made that very easy.
 US and China: 'One Mountain Does Not Allow Two Tigers to Live Together'
Sadly, the American tiger, neutered by Biden's leadership, is leaving the Chinese tiger to claim the mountain as its own.
A Negotiator Critiques Joe Biden's Afghan Debacle
As an expert with three decades of training Corporate America in the art of negotiation, I am compelled to analyze this watershed event from a negotiating perspective. ...
Project Veritas Allegedly Catches Teacher Indoctrinating Students
Folks, I’ve been warning about this for years.
Biden Is a Failed President -- And America Knows It
Joe Biden has failed America during his time in office, and Americans know it.
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