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How Redemption Took Tim Murtaugh From Jail to Air Force One
Tim Murtaugh is a man whose journey from the depths of addiction to the pinnacle of political communications is both remarkable and inspiring. Murtaugh, former communications director for the 2020 Trump reelection campaign, has chronicled his incredible journey in a new book.
Immigration Not a Key to Nation's Economic Future
In a recent speech, President Joe Biden denounced, among others, India and Japan as xenophobic for restricting immigration into their countries, and further blamed this for their economies underperforming.
DeSantis Stepping In Where Weak, Clueless Parents Won't
If legislatures can ban children from smoking cigarettes to protect their lungs, it makes perfect sense for legislatures to ban social media than harms children’s brains while the brain is still developing.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
EVs Unwanted, Dangerous, Unloved Lemons
Beijing supply chain shackles take on foreboding future leverage amid existing U.S. and European concerns that low-priced Chinese government-subsidized EVs could flood softening markets that drive their own struggling industries out of business.
Forces of Evil Won't Prevail in Israel-Hamas War
Understanding that Israel was reluctant to conduct a war in Gaza’s urban terrain with its potential for loss of life, Hamas concluded that only a heinous, large-scale massacre of Israeli civilians would prompt an invasion. If Jerusalem failed to respond, it would appear weak.
Is Congress Afraid of Free Speech?
We appear to be on the cusp of the mass suppression of public speech. Nothing would be more unnatural and un-American than the prohibition of the expressions of ideas.
Will Dems, Left Pay a Price for Their Lawfare?
President Joe Biden, who wears bespoke sneakers to prevent embarrassing collapses and whose command of the English language rivals that of most kindergarteners, is in bad political shape. Uncle Joe's reelection campaign faces an uphill climb.
Could the 'Farage Factor' Resurrect UK Conservatism?
If things don’t turn around before the general election, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will likely be booted from No. 10 Downing Street, with what’s left of his party forced to the opposition benches in the House of Commons. Farage understands what it takes to lead a political party.
Democrats Hate Their Voters and Democracy
So you see, voters are just too dumb. They should just shut up, pay their tax bill. Politicians, on the other hand, are really smart. They got elected, after all, and that should prove it.
Biden Anti-Trust Crusade Now Clutches at Handbags
This is yet another example of the Biden administration’s America last agenda, which abandons U.S. companies on the global stage.
Kansas City Chiefs' Butker Defends Catholicism
AP’s idea of a good Catholic college is Georgetown — it has two pro-abortion clubs on campus and has a segregated graduation ceremony for transgender students.
Is Biden Trying to Disengage Israel From Arab Allies?
Biden's unprecedented demands may spur a repositioning of power structures and fuel instability in a neighborhood that was, until recently, characterized by new friendships wedded to shared challenges.
82 Percent: Employers Should Be Allowed Background Checks
Eighty-two percent (82%) of voters say that employers should be allowed to require background checks of potential employees as part of the application process. A Scott Rasmussen national survey conducted by RMG Research found that just 10% say they should not.
Vegas Odds Get It Right on Trump
Vegas betting odds aren’t just numbers. They reflect widespread desire for change. Americans are tired of economic hardship, global insecurity, and rising crime.
Keep Politicians Far Away from Price Fixing
Because these are typically cheap attempts to control a symptom of inflation — or to mask poor policies that made something scarce and expensive in the first place — price controls fail spectacularly.
Trump's Show Trial Should Terrify All of Us
The Manhattan show trial against President Trump is a gross abuse of power; it is a Kafkaesque, profligate, and disgusting spectacle. It should terrify all of us. 
Can We Link Campus Unrest to Groups Supporting Terror?
For weeks now, ever since the Hamas jihadi atrocities of the Oct. 7, 2023 Shabbat Massacre in Israel, Jewish Americans have been subjected to an explosion of Jew-hatred expressed both on-campus and off.
More Gov't Won't Fix Social Security
But "saving the system" means just taking a bad situation and making it worse. Who wants to "save the system" by raising taxes, raising the retirement age or cutting benefits?
Israel's Fair Weather Friends Shift With Political Winds
Is it just me or did President Biden throw Israel under the bus, presumably because the Muslim vote for his re-election is pretty shaky?
Donors, Parents, and Taxpayers Can Fight College Social Activism
Columbia University President Minouche Shafik is urging university leaders across the country to do some "serious soul searching." Good advice. She should start with her own soul. Shafik has the wrong idea about the purpose of a university.
Greene Went After Mike Johnson. Guess Who Lost?
Last week, House Speaker Mike Johnson defeated a "motion to vacate" his perch pushed by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in a 359-43 vote. All I can say is: Hallelujah.
Could a Manhattan Jury Acquit Trump?
if "lurid, but legal" reflects the opinions of 12 of my fellow Manhattanites, who tend to be tough, but fair, then President Donald J. Trump will be acquitted on all charges and go back where he belongs, the campaign trail.
Can We Believe Polls Showing Biden Ahead of Trump?
In analyses of the 2020 polling, a nonpartisan panel of experts from the Pew Research Center found that "it is clear that Trump’s strength was not fully accounted for in many, if not most, polls."
Millennials Don't Have It Easy
There is a general tendency of each generation to look in horror at the succeeding generation and conclude that the world is doomed. Indeed, Plato took a break from philosophizing in the 4th century B.C. to wonder what was wrong with the young people in Greek society.
Most Important Date in US History: Nov. 5, 2024
In our country's nearly 248-year history, there have been many important dates, such as July 4, 1776; April 9, 1865; Dec. 7, 1941; and Sept. 11, 2001. Yet there is an upcoming date that is arguably even more important: Nov. 5, 2024.
No One Hears a Sound as Steel Plant Falls in W.Va.
In February, Cleveland-Cliffs announced it would idle its Weirton plant after the International Trade Commission, which has two appointees from the Obama administration and two from the Trump administration, voted 4-0 to overturn a Department of Commerce recommendation.
Biden Molding US Into Brazil of the West
In Brazil, the government is weaponized to target, harass and arrest political opponents. Investigative journalists who dare expose the corruption within the government are censored, their assets frozen and passports are revoked.And all without due process of the law.Last...
Why Trapping Kids in Bad Schools Should Be Unconstitutional
The single most effective way to dramatically reduce poverty in America is to stop forcing children living in poor areas to attend consistently failing and violent schools.
Let's Pave the Way for Future Generations
Our duty to the future, however, is to pass along a net total situation that is as good as or better than we inherited from our ancestors.
Why the Fla. Documents Case Against Trump Must Disappear
President Joe Biden, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Jack Smith must stop trying to bring criminal charges over a civil matter until and unless a judge rules that the matter itself is criminal.
Silent Majority Is Tired of Brand Left
Self-perceived intelligent people, those with advanced degrees, or elites believe that anyone who disagrees with them are either a denier, uninformed, or even worse, darn right stupid.
What Does Trump See in Burgum? The Bottom Line
The contest isn't really about the contestants anyway; it's about investing the audience in the drama of choosing and the man making the choice.
Biden 2.0: Be Afraid, Very Afraid
Could American businesses and families survive getting smashed by these gale-force winds of another Bidenomics hurricane in 2025 without capsizing the ship of state? I wouldn't bet on it.
Reagan's Foresight Brought 'Peace Through Strength'
Reagan saw the need to build our national offensive and defensive capabilities. By championing SDI, Reagan was ensuring that future presidents would have the capabilities to prevent any future attack.
Time for Live Nation to Face Antitrust Music
The decrease in competition lets Live Nation get away with everything that frustrates fans, including higher ticket prices, crashing websites, poor service, fewer choices and arbitrary ticket restrictions.
AI Companions Will Only Make Teens More Self-Centered
The intimacy in which teens are engaging with digitally contrived AI personalities poses the same problems that are associated with pornography in general.
Let's Call Them What They Are: Pro Hamas, Pro Terror Rallies
Let's refocus the narrative and accurately label these demonstrations for what they are: pro-Hamas rallies, having no place in civilized society. By holding these individuals and groups accountable, we can work towards a more just and compassionate world, and genuinely so.
Loud Voices Against Israel Won't Prevail
There is very little that New Yorkers agree on. Being inconvenienced as they rush through their daily lives is one of the few things that causes New York strangers to become comrades-in-arms.
There Are No Good Answers on Israel-Gaza War
Those who protest the loudest with simplistic sloganeering are not in fact offering any answers for how Israel can defend itself against those who would deny its very right to exist.
Ghosting: When No Message Is the Message
Ghosting doesn’t happen for no reason. If it’s happened to you, you probably really do know what the problem is, but you’re having a hard time taking an honest look at yourself. If you want to work on that, give me a call.
Direct Medicare's Dwindling Resources to Those Most in Need
Given Medicare's acute and worsening money troubles, as well as the toll it exacts on America's fiscal health, it's about time we focus the program's dwindling resources on patients who most need the help.
Black Leadership, Biden Responses to Antisemitism Shameful
One would think that much of the nation’s Democratic Black political and civil rights leadership would be rushing to condemn the attacks and hateful rhetoric against Jews which has spread like wildfire to campuses nationally. They have not.
You Can Build Capital for a Better Life
How do we get capital? It can come by inheritance, and that’s a fine way to get it. Or, it can come by creating your own capital.
Biden to Give WHO Control of US Health Freedoms
The Biden administration is stealthily preparing to surrender our sovereign, constitutional republic and the freedoms it guarantees to the World Health Organization's unaccountable, Marxist director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Ph.D.
 Inspiration at Our Most Divisive Time: 'Triple 7'
As Americans, we may be sharply divided across a myriad of issues, but with "Triple Seven," we can unify with each other in pride that heroes like these warriors still answer the call of our great nation.
Because It's Enabled, Antisemitism Runs Rampant
No American Jew deserves a free pass on their political support for Oct. 7. If you think Israel shouldn’t exist, say it. If you think Israel is worth defending, change your vote. Your silence is no longer an option.
U.S. Made Commitment to Ukraine Decades Ago, Lets Honor It
Let America honor its solemn commitment to Ukraine’s security and sovereignty now and in the future, world without end. This is a matter of honor, American prestige, and American national security, and America’s interests.
Socialism, Communism Seek Total Control Dooming Their Future
America has enjoyed the success it has precisely because economic and political power has been diffused and distributed — among the states, into the local governments, among millions of businesses and tens of millions of people.
Biden's Silence on Campus Protests Beyond Disturbing
"When good people do nothing, that is evil enough." I heard this in a movie long ago and it resonates with me. There are people right now sitting on the sidelines, seeing our country erupt into chaos over a number of issues. When established leaders do that, it's a problem.
Act Will Protect Vulnerable Online
In America, a child is bought or sold for sexual exploitation every two minutes. Increasingly, this abuse happens online, where predators distribute child sexual abuse material, recruit minors into sex trafficking rings, and extort children into sharing explicit images.
Can Whites Be Subjected to Racism?
Sometimes the worst offenders are leading white liberals, Carl says. On some university campuses, minority students are invited to huddle in “safe spaces” that bar their white classmates; courses preach that white oppressors are responsible for Blacks’ troubles.
Will SCOTUS Undermine Federal Law on Chemical Abortion?
Virtually all hands on the deck of the abortion empire’s boat have touched chemical abortion process. Enforcement of the Comstock Act could be the torpedo sinking their ship.
Florida Schools Ivy League in Handling Campus Unrest 
Inside their crumbling ivory towers, radical students and faculty are now seizing buildings, harassing Jews, assaulting police officers and journalists, and blocking access to study, while weak-kneed administrators cower in their offices issuing meaningless directives.
Can We Restore Order, Reason, and Learning on Campuses?
Unfortunately for students today, numerous professors at Columbia and other universities are not fostering the type of dialogue and encouraging the sort of critical thinking essential for institutions of higher education. Order, reason, and learning must be restored.
We All Must Take Part in Fighting China's Cyber Threats
We are in a cyber war with real seen and unseen enemies, and the actions taken by Chinese state-sponsored threat actors should not only cause us alarm but call us as a nation to action.
Biden, Pols Engaging in TikTok Hypocrisy
Biden’s continued use of TikTok to reach the approximately 150 million American TikTok users, is not the only example of hypocrisy from politicians who support the TikTok ban.
Election '24 Cultural, Ideological Fight for America's Soul
The left wants to paint our push for security as anti-immigrant, but we know it is about protecting everyone inside our borders, including millions of Latinos who call America home.
As Election '24 Looms, Concern About Crime Highest Since '93
When a voter tells us they are concerned about immigration, they immediately add they are concerned because it leads to fentanyl coming to their town, violent criminals being set free after crossing the border, and human trafficking networks being set up.
Turning on Israel Means Rejecting Our Founding Values
The toxic political climate in the United States stifles reasoned debate, with universities losing their role as platforms for enriching exchanges.
Nobel's Checkered Past Lives on With Latest Peace Prize Nominee
The annals of the Nobel Peace Prize have known some weird episodes. A rarely publicized fact is that one of humanity's greatest warmongers, Adolf Hitler, and arguably his greatest facilitator, Neville Chamberlain, were both nominated for the prize in 1939.
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