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Tags: Ted | Kennedys | FBI | File | Frank Sinatra | Marilyn Monroe | British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

New Ted Kennedy FBI Secrets, Glenn Beck, Thatcher, More

By    |   Sunday, 20 June 2010 07:35 PM

Insider Report

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. Ted Kennedy’s FBI File: ‘Sex Parties’ in New York
2. Thatcher Among First to See Global Warming
3. Glenn Beck Duels With Washington Post Over His New Novel
4. Jeb Bush Raising Money for Rubio
5. Fox and Bloomberg Fight for Thomas’ White House Seat
6. Middle Class Abandoning Obama

1. Ted Kennedy’s FBI File: ‘Sex Parties’ in New York

An FBI memo dating from 1965 linked Sen. Ted Kennedy to “sex parties” in New York that also allegedly involved his brothers, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe.

That’s just one of the revealing documents contained in Kennedy’s massive FBI file, which was obtained by Newsmax under the Freedom of Information Act.

The memo states: “It was reported that Mrs. Jacqueline Hammond, age 40, has considerable information concerning sex parties which took place at the Hotel Carlyle in NYC, and in which a number of persons participated at different times. Among those mentioned were the following individuals: Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Teddy Kennedy, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe.”

The document was dated July 14, 1965, a year and a half after John Kennedy’s assassination. It does not state how Hammond might have come upon this information, but it does note that she is “reportedly very wealthy” and “maintains a room at the Hotel Carlyle.”

Ted Kennedy’s 2,352-page FOIA filed was released Monday. Kennedy, who was first elected to the Senate in 1962, died last August at age 77 following a yearlong battle with brain cancer.

Surprisingly, the FOIA file contains almost no original information regarding Kennedy’s 1969 vehicular accident at Chappaquiddick Island that resulted in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. The FBI pointed out in a statement that it “had no investigative role in this case, since there were no violations of federal criminal law involved.”

However, there is one document transmitted just hours after the accident that mentioned “Mary Palporki” and said the local chief of police “confidentially advised that driver of automobile was Senator Edward M. Kennedy who was uninjured. Stated fact Senator Kennedy was driver is not being revealed to anyone.”

Much of the material in Kennedy’s FOIA file relates to numerous threats he received over the years from people disturbed either by his political actions or by his involvement in Kopechne’s death.

Among the curious items Newsmax has gleaned from the FBI file:

  • Typical of the threatening correspondence is a letter sent to Kennedy in 1970 calling him an “idiot,” “pig,” “goon,” and “dirty Democrat,” and stating that “some jerk will shoot you.”
  • Other letters stated that “Mary Jo will haunt you” and “you killed Mary Jo in your back seat of hired car because she told you she was pregnant.”
  • Conservative icon William F. Buckley, who was certainly no fan of the liberal senator, notified the FBI that a woman in his office had received a call from someone warning that there was a plot hatched in Havana, Cuba, to target Kennedy for assassination on Nov. 15, 1969. Kennedy’s offices in Washington and Boston were notified.
  • A deputy sheriff in Virginia may have accidentally listened in on phone call ordering a murder. The deputy told the FBI he was dialing a number when he was suddenly connected to a phone conversation between two men. One said: “I want Kennedy shot Monday morning.” The second man asked: “What should I use?” The first man: “An eight six five carbine.” The second man responded: “Is there a contract?” The first man again: “Will pay ten thousand dollars.” There was no indication that the Kennedy mentioned was in fact the senator, but the information was included in Ted Kennedy’s file nevertheless.
  • The FBI in April 1970 received a letter from an individual who claimed to have attended a Mafia meeting at which the killing of JFK and Martin Luther King was discussed. The letter also claimed that the real killer of JFK was still at large and planning to kill Ted Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
  • A November 1969 letter, postmarked in Atlanta, was sent to Kennedy’s Washington Office by a person claiming to represent a group of World War II veterans called “The Committee of Two Hundred.” The letter called Kennedy “a disgrace to the Senate,” and stated: “We are after you, Mr. Kennedy, and one of us will get you.” The bureau actually spent taxpayers’ money to ascertain that the Atlanta telephone directory, not surprisingly, contained “no information or reference to the ‘Committee of Two Hundred.’”
  • A woman appeared at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo in 1972, warned of a plot to kill Kennedy originating in Hawaii — and claimed that Richard Nixon was the father of her 10-year-old son.
  • The writer of a letter warning of an assassination attempt against Kennedy and other political figures wrote that “this letter was dictated by Ouija Board.”
  • A “suspicious package” that arrived at Kennedy’s office in Washington was found to contain Lifesavers candies, a book by Alfred Hitchcock, wire, and a small globe.
  • In July 1965, a “confidential source” who had supplied “reliable information” in the past said the Mafia wanted to place women supplied by “associates of Frank Sinatra” in “compromising situations” with Ted and Robert Kennedy and their brother-in-law Peter Lawford. The FBI did not investigate the claim.
  • An FBI memo dated June 6, 1968 — the day after Robert Kennedy was shot — asked FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to “make certain that Ted Kennedy gets all the protection he needs. We are down to one Kennedy.”
  • In May 1954, Kennedy’s father Joseph P. Kennedy called the FBI and said he had learned that columnist Drew Pearson was going to write that Ted had not been permitted to undergo Army intelligence training at Fort Holabird, Md., because an FBI report linked him to a group of “pinkos.” The elder Kennedy was informed that the Bureau had conducted no investigation concerning Ted Kennedy.
  • Kennedy left a notebook aboard an airplane after a Pan American flight to San Francisco in July 1961. It was eventually turned over to the FBI. According to a Bureau document, the notebook was in fact a diary, and an early entry disclosed that Kennedy had run out of gas and had to walk home for another car. It also referred to Kennedy’s recent visit to Latin America. About the Mexicans, he wrote: “They hate us. One, because we are rich, two, war of 1847, three, occupation of Veracruz.” He also described a meeting with students in Venezuela who he said were “all real communists.”
  • Another document reveals that during his visit to Mexico City, Kennedy was interested in talking with “leftists” to “determine why they think as they do.”
  • An October 1969 memo said Nixon administration official John Dean said Attorney General John Mitchell were “anxious to discreetly find out if Mary Jo Kopechne had visited Greece in August 1968.” The memo also disclosed that the FBI had investigated reports that Kopechne “spent some time with a young hoodlum who is now behind bars for cashing hot checks.”
  • In December 1969, a Kennedy aide asked for the FBI’s help after Kennedy received a blackmail letter and “three obscene Polaroid photographs which obviously had been doctored.” The photos placed the heads of Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Kopechne, Jacqueline Kennedy and Coretta Scott King on the bodies of other people. The letter threatened to turn the photos over to newspapers unless a payment of $100,000 was made.

Editor's Note:

2. Thatcher Among First to See Global Warming

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was credited with being the first world leader to voice alarm over global warming — but she also became one of the earliest “climate skeptics.”

Thatcher expressed concern over climate change in 1988, calling for urgent international action and citing evidence presented to the U.S. Senate by James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Christopher Booker noted in Britain’s Telegraph.

She supported the establishment of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and in 1990 opened the Hadley Centre to study man-made global warming.

But in her 2003 book “Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World,” Thatcher issued “what amounts to an almost complete recantation of her earlier views,” Booker reported, and “voiced precisely the fundamental doubts about the warming scare that have since become familiar to us.”

She questioned whether carbon dioxide is the chief force influencing world climate, rather than natural factors such as solar activity, and said claims about rising sea levels were exaggerated.

“She mocked Al Gore and the futility of ‘costly and economically damaging’ schemes to reduce CO2 emissions,” Booker wrote. “She pointed out that the dangers of a world getting colder are far worse than those of a CO2-enriched world growing warmer.”

In fact, a prominent American geologist recently declared that global warming has ended and “even more harmful” global cooling has already begun.

As the Insider Report disclosed in May, Dr. Don Easterbrook, a university professor and associate editor of the Geological Society of America Bulletin, warned in a scientific paper that global cooling over the next two to three decades “will be far more damaging than global warming would have been.”

Thatcher, Booker also observed, “recognized how distortions of the science had been used to mask an anti-capitalist, left-wing political agenda which posed a serious threat to the progress and prosperity of mankind . . .

“What she set in train earlier continues to exercise its baleful influence to this day. But the fact that she became one of the first and most prominent of ‘climate skeptics’ has been almost entirely buried from view.”

Thatcher was back in the news recently when Britain’s Daily Mail reported that she had agreed to meet with Sarah Palin if the former Alaska governor visits Britain. Palin’s representatives had approached the “Iron Lady” to request the meeting.

“A meeting with Margaret Thatcher would be an enormous publicity coup for Sarah Palin,” a source in Britain told the newspaper.

“Palin’s big hero is Ronald Reagan. In U.S. Republican folklore, Thatcher and Reagan brought down the Soviet Union between them. That’s why Maggie is so important.”

Editor's Note:

3. Glenn Beck Duels With Washington Post Over His New Novel

Radio talk-show host Glenn Beck fired back at The Washington Post after the newspaper panned his new novel “The Overton Window,” calling it a “paranoid thriller.”

Writing in the Post on Tuesday, Steven Levingston asserted that the success of Beck’s first foray into fiction will be measured “by the rebelliousness it incites among anti-government extremists. If the book is found tucked into the ammo boxes of self-proclaimed patriots and recited at ‘tea party’ assemblies, then Beck will have achieved his goal.”

Beck’s book centers around attempts by federal conspirators to trash the Constitution and individual rights — or as Levingston puts it, “fictionalizes Beck’s well-known paranoia about a secret Big Government plan to crush the liberties of well-meaning citizens.”

Beck told listeners to his radio show on Tuesday: “I’m the paranoid one, but The Washington Post writes as future fact that [the book] will be found in a bag of ammunition, at some point, after a violent shooting.”

The Post’s review also states: “The danger of books like this is that radical readers may take the story’s fiction for fact, or interpret the fiction — which Beck encourages — as a reflection of a reality that they must fend off by any means necessary.”

Beck describes his novel as “faction”´— fiction rooted in facts. He says he disagrees with the Post’s description of the book as, in his words, a “dangerous book because only radicals will read it and they will take the fiction as fact.”

Beck said: “It’s weird how many people read The Washington Post and take your fiction as fact. Isn’t that strange? We at least admit ours is fiction . . .

“They say it’s a paranoid conspiracy theory. Did they ever say that about Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn or Brad Thor? Hello? It’s a thriller!”

Editor's Note:

4. Jeb Bush Raising Money for Rubio

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has sent out a letter seeking campaign contributions for his “good friend” Marco Rubio, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in the Sunshine State.

In his fundraising letter to potential Rubio supporters, Bush writes: “Florida voters are facing a three-way general election race between Republican Marco Rubio, our sitting Governor Charlie Crist, who abandoned the Republican primary to run as an Independent, and a liberal Democrat . . .

“President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus was terrible public policy. That’s why I believe it was simply unforgivable for Governor Charlie Crist to endorse it.

“On Thursday, April 29, 2010, Governor Crist announced he was leaving the GOP to pursue his own personal political interests by running in this U.S. Senate race as an Independent.

“And, while on a May 2, 2010 nationally televised Sunday morning news program, Governor Crist said that he might caucus with the Democrats if elected.

“Marco Rubio, on the other hand, is someone I know we can count on to stand up for our conservative principles. We can trust him not to abandon us in the critical issue battles in Washington.”

Bush said he has decided to “come off the sidelines” to help raise money for former Florida House Speaker Rubio to ensure that Crist does not win or siphon enough votes from the GOP candidate to hand the race to the Democratic nominee.

Sending Rubio to Washington, Bush states, “would be a great step forward for the future of America.”

Editor's Note:

5. Fox and Bloomberg Fight for Thomas’ White House Seat

Fox News and Bloomberg News are both making their case for taking over the front-row White House briefing room seat vacated by the retirement of longtime Washington journalist Helen Thomas.

Last week the Insider Report disclosed that Fox had the inside track for the seat, because CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry, one of three officers of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA), reportedly said he would vote for Fox News.

But now Bloomberg has entered the picture, with Executive Editor Al Hunt writing to the WHCA on Wednesday: “Bloomberg is the fastest-growing news organization in the world, and now boasts 2,300 journalists across 160 bureaus.” He said, “no news organization is more committed to Washington or White House reporting.”

Fox News Washington Managing Editor Bill Sammon also sent a letter to the WHCA, arguing that Fox had been promised the seat when Thomas retired: “Now that Helen has retired, I’m hopeful the WHCA will make good on those assurances and approve Fox’s long-expected move to that seat. All five TV networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FNC — now support this move.”

A decision isn’t expected until at least July 16, according to Yahoo! News.

Thomas, who had covered presidents since 1960, retired on June 7 following anti-Israel remarks that were denounced by the White House and her press corps colleagues.

Editor's Note:

6. Middle Class Abandoning Obama

Less than half of middle class Americans now believe that President Barack Obama is doing a good job, according to a new Gallup Poll.

Among those earning from $24,000 to $59,988 a year, just 46 percent say they approve of the job Obama is doing, down from 51 percent in May and 66 percent in the week of his inauguration.

Among Americans earning $60,000 to $89,988 a year, 44 percent approve of his job performance, down from 51 percent in May and 69 percent during inauguration week.

The only income bracket in which a majority still approves of Obama’s     job performance is those earning less than $24,000 a year — and only    52 percent of them approve.

Overall, 46 percent of Americans told Gallup they approve of Obama’s job performance during the week of June 7-13, tying for the worst week of his presidency.

Editor's Note:

Editor's Notes:

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Insider ReportHeadlines (Scroll down for complete stories):1. Ted Kennedy s FBI File: Sex Parties in New York 2. Thatcher Among First to See Global Warming 3. Glenn Beck Duels With Washington Post Over His New Novel 4. Jeb Bush Raising Money for Rubio 5. Fox and...
Ted,Kennedys,FBI,File,Frank Sinatra,Marilyn Monroe,British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,Global Warming,Glenn Beck Duels,Washington Post,Jeb Bush,
Sunday, 20 June 2010 07:35 PM
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