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George Mentz: 30 Facts Never-Trumpers Don't Know About DJT's Success

George Mentz: 30 Facts Never-Trumpers Don't Know About DJT's Success
Former U.S. President Donald Trump at an Anchorage, Alaska, "Save America" rally, on July 9, 2022, where he campaigned with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

George Mentz By Tuesday, 02 August 2022 09:18 AM EDT Current | Bio | Archive

Most people know former President Donald J. Trump as the billionaire real estate executive with more than 50 years of work experience. Others know Trump for his involvement in television, sports, public inspirational speaking and as a No. 1 bestselling author.

In writing a short research book on the life of Donald Trump, I discovered many key facts about Trump that the media suppressed and never talked about.

  1. Son of an Immigrant Mother—Trump’s mother was a poor immigrant whose first language was not English. Trump was one of five children raised in Queen’s New York.
  2. Trump’s Ultra Diverse Family—Trump’s immigrant wife, Melania, speaks five languages and is a Catholic European. His children are of Slovenian, Czech, and American backgrounds. Donald Trump’s older children, when they were in their formative years, spent time under communist regimes visiting family in Eastern Europe who had survived the failures of Marxism.
  3.  Trump’s Diverse, Inclusive Family of Faith—Trump’s children and diverse family are Roman Catholics, Protestants and also members of the Jewish Faith.
  4. Trump’s Multicultural and Multi-Lingual Family—Most, if not all, of Trump’s children speak at least two or more languages. The older probably speak Czech and French and the younger Slovenian.
  5. Trump, a Man of Peace—nominated for various Nobel Peace Prizes. Newsweek said, "Not only has Trump brought more peace to the Middle East, more comprehensively and faster than all of his predecessors combined, but he made it look easy."
  6. Success Speaker and Author—Prior to being elected President of the United States, Trump had been paid up to $1 million in consideration for a single success speech as one of the most highly paid motivational speakers in the world. Most in the press tried to debate the fee, but it still adds up to over $1 million, most of which Trump donated to charity.
  7. Trump created 6 million new jobs from 2017-2019 and saved millions of other jobs.
  8. Trump, Self-Made Billionaire & Comeback Kid—Trump’s net worth is several billions ($3 billion to $10 billion, according to Investopedia), adding a new media empire since leaving office , but Trump was almost ruined and bankrupted by Presidents Bush and Obama.

    Amazingly, Trump came back with billions in real estate wealth after the 2008-2009 housing crash to later run for president. Thus, Trump was the first businessman to win the presidency in a landslide against Hillary Clinton.
  9. Trump graduated from the New York Military Academy and from Wharton Business School with an economics degree, and has always respected the military. Trump spent five years in military school training from age 13-18.
  10. Trump added $10 trillion in new wealth to the USA in three years. Americans are $10 trillion better off, thanks to rising stocks under Trump | TheHill
  11. Trump Has Seen it All—Even though his opposition fabricated fake evidence to overthrow the Trump government , Trump survived the “concocted fake Russia evidence” and wiretap-spying, and his enemies are now going to jail and prison with the Durham Criminal Investigation of Obama and Clinton allies.
  12. Trump Boosted Minority Votes for Republicans to historic levels. Trump received more African American and Hispanic combined votes than any Republican in recent history including the ultra liberal Romney. Trump in 2020 received about 40% of the Hispanic vote with over 6.4 million votes picking up an amazing 8% more Hispanic votes in just four years. Trump received a celebrated 20% of the African American male vote doing much greater than Bush and Romney.
  13. Trump Won The Presidential Vote on the 2020 election day winning 30 states; however, the Democrats were able to flip five states days after the 2020 election. Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 when he defeated Clinton.
  14. In 2022, National Polls Show Trump as Most Popular National Politician and more popular than Pelosi, Biden, McConnnell and most others.
  15. Trump a Leader in World Peace—Trump was the 1st president in over 30 years to focus on PEACE, no war, and prosperity while Obama, Bush, Clinton, and others were tied up in endless conflicts and wars that cost the USA thousands of lives and up to $10 Trillion.
  16. Trump a Reform Party Leader—Trump was a leader of the reform party before he became the leader of the Republican Party. Since Trump has become the leader of the Republican Party, Hispanics and African American Men have been moving over to Trump’s Republican Party in large numbers for the first time in history. Presently, Hispanics favor Republicans by 9 Points.
  17. Trump Trailblazer and Leader for Civil Rights—"Trump was for gay marriage before Biden and Obama and Hillary. So was Cheney. So was Bolton." Ambassador Rick Grenell. Trump appoints first openly gay person to Cabinet Level Position
  18. Trump’s Work Ethic—It is well known that Mr. Trump slept less and worked harder than any President in recent history. Trump slept 4-5 hours per day and worked 19 hours per day on most days. Trump had almost 50 years of work experience before running for president. Bush, Obama, Clinton and other had little or no work experience other than politics.
  19. Trump’s Moral High Ground—We all know presidential (or Trump’s) morals are not perfect, but Trump was the USA’s first recent president who did not drink or smoke. Further, if you search the Internet, there are untold numbers of allegations about other U.S. presidents such as Obama, Bush, Clinton and others who may have committed all sorts of crimes or offenses such as: sexual assault, drunk driving, illegal drugs, gay sex, under age molestation, wiretapping, illegitimate children, and just about every crime imaginable. Obama’s White House doctor even recommended that Obama moderate his use of alcohol and tobacco which seems to be a traditional diagnosis of alcoholism and addiction.
  20. Clinton Largest Financial Crash—Clinton lost more money for Americans than any other president with the Internet Crash losing $6.2 Trillion in “2000 dollars” which is even bigger than the Bush/Obama market crash 2008-9.
  21. Financial Crash of 2009—Bush and Obama lost over 8-10 million jobs in 2008-9 with the housing crash where working families where crushed and lost their equity in their homes.
  22. Only Sober President—While Trump was one of the first Presidents to not drink alcohol or use drugs in a generation, Obama presided over 500,000 American drug deaths due to toxic drugs coming over the border, which was a 500% increase in Fentanyl death. Approximately 1 million Americans lost a child under Obama to illegal toxic and synthetic drugs.
  23. Trump’s Record and Victory with Minorities—Inclusive nationalism and employment for Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, and minorities was at an “all time historical HIGH” under President Trump in 2019.
  24. Four-Year Attack on Trump’s Government—Trump was the first president to be aggressively attacked by communists, democrats, Clinton’s Department of Justice friends, and the OM “obsolete media” to overthrow his government by knowingly using fake evidence. The fake Russian dossier was proven to be planted evidence by Democrats, International Communists,. The wiretaps by Obama and Team on Trump’s campaign were also proven to be criminal behavior. The

Everything nasty that was said about Trump was also said about President Andrew Jackson 200 years ago by the “elitist Anglo-Saxons.”

Here are amazing quotes from 200 years ago:

  • *"He is one of the most unfit men I know for the" Presidency. "A Dangerous Man" ~ President Thomas Jefferson on Gen. Andrew Jackson's Presidency (Jefferson on The first Scottish Mixed Race Leader of the USA) almost 200 years ago!
  • *"All enlightened classes are opposed to General Jackson" ~ Alex de Tocqeville on President Jackson who was the (The first mixed race Scottish Leader of the USA)
  • *"John Quincy Adams refused to attend the 1829 inauguration of Old Hickory Andrew Jackson." as Jakson was the first mixed ethnic president (The first Scottish Leader of the USA)
  • *"The press, "savaged his reputation and persistently questioned the honor of his wife" ~ The press attacking Andrew Jackson 1824 and accusing his wife of being a Whore. Jackson was the (The first Ethnic Scotish Leader of the USA like Donald Trump)
  • *It should not be a question of whether he is to be the next president, but whether he ought not to be hanged." London Times on Andrew Jackson 1824 - Jackson was The 1st Ethnic President (The first Scottish Mixed Race Leader of the USA)
  • *President Donald J Trump is the first Scottish president since Ronald Reagan. President Trump's mother was a Poor Scottish Immigrant from the Western Isles or Hebrides Islands.
  1. Trump and his New York Anti Racist Background—Trump is from New York and has never been part of the Confederate “Jim Crow” Democrat party, which was historically responsible for: Slavery, The KKK, Jim Crow, Segregation and Lynching. Before Trump ran for president, he was heralded as a fair and generous businessman by most all ethnicities & minorities.
  2. Trump Cooperating with Minority Leaders Better than Others—was the first president to fund HBCUs Historically Black Colleges and Universities with long term investments. Other presidents would only fund schools with small outlays. Trump actually proposed the Platinum Plan to financially boost African Americans which was endorsed by leading Black Celebrities.
  3. Trump Most Admired—Trump and Michelle Obama were voted most admired people in 2020 in the USA contest.
  4. Trump Job Approvals Solid as a Rock

President Trump had similar national job approval than Barack Obama while in office. Trump’s underlying Republican support is greater than any other recent republican presidents.

  1. Energy up 100% or More Since Trump Left Office—While Trump created American Energy Independence for the first time, Heating Oil, Energy and Gas prices for the poor and working families is up over 100% in many cases since President Trump left office.
  2. No Peace Officers Died on Jan 6th Most never-Trump folks think police died on January 6th and blame Trump; however, that is a Fraud and Proven False by NPR News. No police died on Jan 6th but several unarmed women who were protesting were killed on that day
  3. Bonus Factoid—Trump at 59% This Month – President Donald J. Trump has a 59% approval rating this week according to Emerson National Polling in March 2022. Some laugh that now Trump isn’t active on Social Media as many people miss his Spicy Tweets !

Nobody knows who will run for president in 2024, but Americans will eventually comprehend the amazing performance of President Trump in contrast to prior presidential administrations.

We now know that politics is not so much about ideas, but, rather, it is about who can be a better Nihilistic-Machiavellian so as to ruin the reputation of the opposition and win elections. Just like James Carville said in his article about politics & Cicero in “Foreign Affairs”  The Carville article states, “sticking to generalities during the campaign, telling the wealthy you are for stability and peace while assuring the common man that you are always on his side. Oh, and accusing your opponents of "crimes, sex scandals, and corruption."

With Trump being one of the few politicians to be able to counterpunch people like Carville and the media, Trump will continue to be the new model of unabashed courage in politics.

George Mentz JD MBA CILS is a CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®, global speaker - educator, tax-economist, international lawyer and CEO of the GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ®. The GAFM is an ESQ EU accredited graduate body that offers certification training in 150+ nations under ISO 21001 and ISO 9001 standards. Mentz is also an award winning author and graduate law professor of wealth management in the USA.

Becoming Donald Trump – Success Principles Book https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MV7CBPK/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_EDD4WY73NTGWTJQPS332

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Most people know former President Donald J. Trump as the billionaire real estate executive with more than 50 years of work experience. Others know Trump for his involvement in television, sports, public inspirational speaking and as a No. 1 bestselling author.
donald trump background, economy, energy, television, social media, real estate
Tuesday, 02 August 2022 09:18 AM
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